Meeting Rooms

Providing the best conference facilities and distinctive environment, ARCEO’s conference rooms are ideal for all your business events.

Whether for a business conference, interview, board meeting, training session, legal depositions or video conferencing, our sumptuous venues deliver the perfect setting with superb value conference room packages.

To ensure the success of any conferences here at ARCEO, full conference facilities and on-site administrative / IT assistance are available together with comprehensive support services such as business catering.

All of ARCEO’s meeting rooms are equipped with technologies to help your meeting go smoothly and professionally.

As for all ARCEO’s services, service is the key, our friendly receptionist will great and welcome your guests and guide them to your meeting room.

Board Room (14 persons)

Conference Room #1 (10 persons)

Conference Room #2 (10 persons)

Audio Conferencing Services

The meeting rooms are equipped with a digital, fully integrated, audio conference tool, which offers you the most effective way to conduct internal and external meetings over the phone anytime, anywhere.

Video Conferencing Services

The meeting rooms are equipped to provide complex multi-point and point-to-point video conferencing services with state-of-the-art Polycom HD Video and Audio Conferencing equipment.

Cost effective and time saving video conferencing, that enables businesses to link up with internal and external clients across the world in “real-time”, reducing the need for travel.

Additional services can also be done, for example, catering, after office hour booking etc.

Flipchart/Whiteboard, note pads and ball pens.

DVD recorder.

Rates & Prices

Board Room Rate (14 persons)

Conference Room #1 (10 persons)

Conference Room #2 (10 persons)

Video Conferencing Rate

Rates above are for 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM